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  • samsonrck
    • Ashish Kakkad

      Sorry! I don’t know about the HealthKit!

  • ikanth
    • Ashish Kakkad

      I think you have to create your own floating button.

  • Sachin Tiple

    Hello Ashish, I have a real quick question for you and would appreciate your help (offcourse in your free time)
    I am trying to build iOS application for one of my client who is already using Authorized.Net for payment processing, I have downloaded Authorized.net SDK from GitHub and was going through Documentation when i saw that it can be used 2 ways on iOS
    1) Like POS by logging into your merchant account and then processing Credit card payments
    2) Using apple pay
    My question is , i just want to use this as a normal payment processing mechanism and not like POS, because that way every device needs to be approved by merchant to use and when people download this app and try to pay using it, i am sure my client wont sit down and approve every single Device (unless its automated process which i dont think so). and Apple pay is not the way for me since it only works for iphone 6 and above and not on older devices and also it needs every user to have apple pay account. So my questions is, how to i use Authorize.net to simply Process payment but not Like POS, just normal payment processing unit.
    I saw your comment in one of the forum and though of reaching out. Your help would be highly appreciated.

    • Ashish Kakkad

      Sorry. I could not help you with this question…

  • Harikarthick K