Take advantage of raw strings in Swift 5

Swift 5 comes with enhancement in string literals delimiters to support Raw Text.


Let’s go with examples

Use of # delimiter

We can use # delimiter with start and end of the strings to use less escape sequences.


This is “Swift 4.x”.
This is “Swift 5.x”.

Use of variables with # delimiter

We can use variable with string like \#(variableName)


This is “Swift 4.x” with variable.
This is “Swift 5.x” with variable.

Multiline String with # delimiter

We can use # delimiter in multiline strings too.


This is
Swift 5.


Swift is getting more stable day by day!

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Happy Coding ๐Ÿ™‚


Behind the Proposal โ€” SE-0200 Enhancing String Literals Delimiters to Support Raw Text