List of known Xcode issues

Xcode is IDE for development of the iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS applications. Every year apple comes up with so many changes in this IDE. Xcode 9.3 released on March 29, 2018.


Here, I am listing out all the issues with the workaround.

Asset Catalog

  • Dragging an image from Finder to an empty sticker pack is rejected. Xcode crashes when dragging an image in the Project navigator to an empty Sticker pack.

Workaround: Create a new sticker in the empty sticker pack, then drag the image from Finder or Project navigator into the new sticker well.

  • App Icon set in Asset Catalog in a new watchOS template app does not include the App store icon.

Workaround: Select watchOS 1.0 and later in the Attributes Inspector, this will generate the App store icon, set it back to watchOS 2.0 and later if only watchOS 2.0 is supported.

Build System

  • When the new build system is enabled, changing the Info.plist file doesn’t cause Xcode to re-sign your app. This may cause your app to crash on launch after an incremental build.

Workaround: After changing the Info.plist file, make a change to your app’s source code to trigger recompilation and re-signing, or perform a clean rebuild.


  • The Connect via Network checkbox may become unchecked when first enabling network development for a device.

Workaround: Check the checkbox again.


  • Documentation for the HealthKit framework is missing from the Developer Documentation window.

Workaround: Read the HealthKit framework documentation on the web.


  • Profiling iOS framework unit tests works only for the Release configuration.

Workaround: Modify the scheme’s Test option to use the Release build configuration.

Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme…

Select the Test tab.

Change the Build Configuration to be Release.

Attempt to profile the framework unit test again.

Interface Builder

  • SKView from the object library does not behave correctly in Mac documents.

Workaround: Drag out a custom view and set its class to SKView.


  • Selecting text contained in rendered markup in the Find Navigator may not work as expected.

Workaround: Choose “Editor > Show Raw Markup” before selecting the text.

Swift Compiler

  • When a class conforms to a private or fileprivate protocol in one file, and the class is subclassed in another file or target, the compiler crashes with the messages “DESERIALIZATION FAILURE” and “top-level value not found.”

Workaround: Change the protocol to internal instead of private or fileprivate, or set the Optimization Level build setting to Whole Module Optimization (-O -whole-module-optimization.)

  • If a nested type in a codable type has the same name as a property of the codable type, the compiler will crash.

Workaround: Rename either the nested type or the property.


Happy Coding 🙂